life on mars

i basically live for a balenciaga ad campaign.
when i find them online/in the mags, i get all giddy and hop around in the office and show anyone who comes near my desk.

some past favorites:

s/s01 (M/M paris scribbles!):

f/w 06:

i still dream about these boots AND riding hats.

f/w 07:

SO weird. suburban living room jumping creeper flash?

s/s 08:

I DIE. i scanned this myself, i have it hanging at my desk. i never saw it anywhere else except W. WTFFFFF is that darth vader ladies-who-lunch hat?!? MARIE-AMELIE SAUVE, i SALUTE YOU)

s/s 09 is out! :

love love LOVE.

(all shot by david sims and styled by marie-amelie sauve)


hard liquor; soft holes said...

i was on a HEAVY m/m paris tip for a long time and this balenciaga ad (along with the calvin klein ad where she's playing basketball in the suburbs? from around that same time) was TOPZ.

Anonymous said...

Balenciaga = EPIC. Their ads are amazing.

laia. said...

i am still totally obsessed with the m/m paris scribble ads... so fucking good.

i saw the one from last season with the crazy hat and i was so confused as to where that hat came from! i mean, it wasnt in the shoe and it didnt go with anything and it looked so weird. yeah.

Stefanie said...

why will i never stop dreaming about those hoof-boots? it's toooootally not because mary-kate wore them all the time. not at ALLLLLLLL

Isabel said...

Balenciaga ads scare me!! They're always so robotic or something.

Designer sunglasses said...

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