meeting of the mindz

soo....guess who else was in town for inaugz 09? ohhhh, just my friend tavi, powerhouse fash blogger extraordinaire. it was quite lovely to see her again.

hey now! it's us.

me & T. boots, bangs, bonkers.

obvs we had a rendezvous and hit the vintage scene.
or..correction, ATTEMPTED to. 4 places i wanted to hit were closed (not open mondays and/or MLK day, one place was only open on thursdays. wha?)

so we had to hit the only spot open and findable, some joint that has the worst name ever (sorry, but true) um..annie's cream cheese?
what the HAY-ELL kind of a name is that? for anything? except a bagel store?

anyways. we were not feeling it. the selection was alright but the prices were OUTRAGEOUS and i live in new york, yo. this shit was plain REDONKS.

how bout dual self-portraits in a funhouse mirror?

totes better than overpriced old shit any day.

well ok, we found SOMETHING to buy, duh. we were determined to take them up on buy 2 get one free, so tavz got some seriously POST LEVZ (i am beyond next levz these days) sunglasses, i got a pin, my friend melissa got a shirt.

we discussed what's up in her life (fash/bat mitzvah dress options/etc) and mine (fash/jealousy of bat mitzvah dress options/etc) and shopped for ourselves and friends (she was totes lookin out for you, arabelle!).

i wanted to convince her dad to let her be my roommate but we'd have to live in the bathtub and let our wardrobes have the rest of the apartment. that seems less than ideal, although probably worth it.

definitely one of the best parts of my trip to DC. til we meet again in another city, miss tavi...xo


Bellwether said...

I hope you enjoyed DC! It is very happy that you were here. You and your redoinkulously fab fur hat.

Tavi said...

We are killllling it in that psychedelic tunnel of belts, yo. Also maybe a bagel store would have been even better, because it would make for a more appropriate bat mitzvah-discussion setting and you could go in full honorary jew mode. Then again a bagel store would not have roman war hero pins and epicly collared vintage Etro. I miss you already!! Come to Chicago and we can live in my closet! xo

InnyVinny said...

I love this. So much.

Dar said...

Ummm..I used to work at annie's. The name comes from the vegas vintage spot old hollywood movies stars used to shop at called suzie creamcheese. But the owner of annie's is...annie. I'm surprised no one yelled at you for taking pictures haha its generally frowned upon.

also, there is a bagel place around the corner!! DC LOVE <3 <3

laia. said...


lets use magic powers to bring her to new york soon. like maybe in three weeks?


E.K. said...

I love that you tagged this post with "epic" and "killing it" fantastic!

Hazel said...

BAH, looks so fun!!!

Eyeliah said...

Look at you two!! Bloggers coming together is such a beautiful thing.

bobb said...

Suzy Creamcheese:) - from Freak Out - the first Mothers of Invention record and the title of a great 60's LA garage record by Teddy and the Patches. I wasn't aware of the Vegas thrift store or Suzy Creamcheese in DC. Thanks for the info!.

Aviva said...

yer the kewlest evar!

sarah said...

yeouch, anniecc is super pricey. . . but there's a secret, totally illegal and hidden vintage spot a few corners down - i'm talkin, hideoutcausethepolicearegonnashutitdownforlackoflicenses illegal. and its awesoME.

Elisa said...

dynamic duo much?
there is nothing here where I live. even a bagel store beats the selection up here.

Dar said...

he and she....tell me more about this secret spot! i seerz need a new vintage spot in the district.

Anonymous said...

it is like awesome worlds colliding. makes me miss the east coast alot.

funhouse portraits are totally amazing. they add a surrealistic element that no amount of drugs or intoxication could ever provide.

sweet sauce. good job.

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