oh you womanizer, i've missed your face

while tomorrow feels like a bit of a death sentence- BYE BYE VACATION- there is one bright shining lowdown dirrty sexytimez sexpot BEACON that will GET ME THROUGH IT:

chuck bass is back.
dios mio, it's ABOUT TIME.
(opium dens? can't wait to see)
here's an idea:
let's just merge everything that monday night has to offer and have whitney choose to be an "uptown social" and ditch that cunty olivia palermo and hang with blair & co. then the show can be 3 hours and EVERYBODY WINS.
serena and whit would be besties in like 10 seconds and i feel like whitballs would date rufus? she's like a young lily. fucking A i am a GENIUS.

ok dudes. early to bed, back to work for the first time since before christmas, blerg.


Sarah said...

You are a genius.
Is there some legal way to kidnap Whit and dump her out on the GG set to fend for herself?
Because I'm game.

emily said...

on a random / nearly pointless sidenote, i hope little J gets slapped in the face.

then dies.

Eyeliah said...

omg - I have been dying since the last episode. :-) cannot wait!!

E. said...

DANGIT. I missed the episode, because I was SO TIRED from work and fell asleep at 7.

pachuco hands said...

have you seen this?


because you must. you. really. really. must.

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