one of the best of 08, for sure

i have a friend that makes me pretty awesome mixtapes from time to time...i usually get one on my birthday and this year he put this song on it.
warning, it's an epic heartbreaker. i love it to death and have listened to it like, 100 times already. you too will become addicted to the sweet hopeful sadness, i promise:

jay jay pistolet / happy birthday you

don't say i didn't warn you, this shit KILLS ME


Betty said...

man, you've done it to me again. Hell, I'm still listening to Bruises on repeat.

Shay said...

oooh, that's a fantastic tune, thanks!!

aisha said...

omgosh!! ive met him.. he came to my school to perform.. hes friends with a friend of mine..! hes incredibly sweet..

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