this is as close to eco as karl gets.

best thing i have seen in a while:

paper headpieces at chanel couture 09 !!! by katsuyo kamo

fucking incredible.
get your scissors and construction paper out, dudes. make this happen!

i have en epic headcold, that's what keeps this post from having a lot more caps and/or exclamation points. sorry, charlies.

psssst...T mag used him foreverrrr ago, i had to call karl out on our blog!


ADF Photo said...

Karl is amazing
Katsuyo Kamo is amazing
YOU are AMAZING!!!!!

Headcolds = not amazing

I have one too.

Let's kick this cold and kick IT.

This weekend?


InnyVinny said...

Wow...how long did that take? I can't imagine taking safety scissors to construction paper for hours on end.

Leah said...

i think you need this/these/SOMETHING.

i have a headcold too. i feel you.

hmstrjam said...

imagine seeing this show with that animal collective song playing... good stuff

deltay said...

Haha, wow, that's so epic.

Hope your cold gets better asap!

Iris said...

i just died. a lot.

isabella whitney said...


Anonymous said...

If my heart had a contest for who should be its first priority... Katsuyo Komo might very well win.

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