where do you even FIND derion jeans?

i couldn't sweat the deets this year for new year's...here's a TIP: it's the most FAIL of all holidays. as soon as berko told us he was deejaying at daddy's, i stopped wondering where i'd be.

we made dinner at dortch's place first, he has a the sickest apartment ever, its a giant square donut shape and i want to rollerskate in it

keren had the prettiest dress on ever. we got bdonns way into the single ladies vid. they are both doin dance moves in this pic.

hate martin was documenting

i found out recently that keren and ivan knew each other when they were teenagers..and ivan was like, a mod. i made her draw me a picture.

brendan and dave recreated the pic i took of brendan last year

on to daddy's buddissssss..we snuck our liquor in, how GHETTO! oopsydoops, theres a fucking RECESSION, kid. we gotta conserve

despite this serious facade this bro makes you shake your ass. i love when he gets HIMSELF psyched and he can't stop dancing with his headphones on.

um, berko was beyond that night..he even busted out HITS like TI and TIMBERLAKE and BEYONCE. someone was REALLY INTO IT and her name is LISA:

dammmmmmnnnnnn guuurrlllll.

ok i was feeling it too.

this guy made sure everything was COOL AND THE GANG.

i swear to god, mike vidoli has moves that blew my mind. i never knew!

teeny tiny blog world nerd alert...i met rachel, one of loulou's bffs! she was appropriately adorable..red lips and bangs and a thing on her head, MENTAL NOTE-i need more things on my HEAD in 09.

someone has a sa-weeet rasta flag macrame necklace that an AWESOME GIRL made him, i won't name names but it was ME and it rules.

bev is so fucking hard corrrre

for some reason, both lisa's feeeeance pauly and mr black decided that they needed to have LEATHERMANS on them. very heavy MAN VIBES all AROUND

especially when they challenged each other to a dance off. (apparently pauly's beyonce sigle ladies dance can kill dave;s katy perry. i am not sure i can handle all the info.)

it was such a fun night...best friends and new friends and favorite friends and even though i am 30 i guess i am not above sitting on the floor of a packed bar with lisa and drinking bushmill's that i smuggled in in my pocket. OOPSY. DOOPS.

new years day at david's house:

breakfast burritos, old school (as seen in pic above)/always sunny in philadelphia (im not convinced)/wet hot american summer, everyone in the hood who wanted to stop by...

i have a good feeling about the next 365.

ps, RIP NYE glitter glasses?? how do you wear 2010 on your face? i guess the 1 sits on your nose? you def cant wear 2012! sadface!


emily said...

that girl with the two drinks and the red lips is killin me. i love that photo of her

also that woman's tattoo is pretty rad AND whoever's apartment is in that almost-last photograph is pretty awesomesauce, in the words of WL

happy 09

Leah said...

i love that fuuurrrr! and that you noted the end of glitter glasses...lets hope they find a way to work it out.

andrea said...

Your NY looks so much more fun than mine! I'm not convinced about that It's Always Sunny shizzzz either. (OVERRRRRATED)

InnyVinny said...

Damn...next year, I'm going wherethehellever you are. LOL.

Iris said...

the original [glasses + cigarette] photo is superior to the replica...

leathermans!? who knew NYE was such a dangerous outing.

gotta get inventive with those glitter gogs. 2010 will be sticking out to the right of everyone's face.

Beverly said...

those magical truffles made me want to rub the fur on rachel's bust repeatedly. she looked great. berko and i crossed paths again at home sweet home at 8 am. the red lipstick was gone by then...glad i got to see you mama!

NealMedlyn! said...

Hi! First time commenter, long time fan.

I know it was just the title of the post, but I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about my attempt to purchase said Dereon jeans.

I did a show at the New Museum where I re-created a Beyonce concert DVD live (the show was called "the Neal Medlyn Experience Live! http://www.youtube.com/nealmedlyn). This is the sort of thing I do for a living.

I wanted to purchase and wear some Beyonce-related wear for the afterparty. Went to the stores listed on Dereon's website where the staff looked at me like I was crazy. I thusly assumed Dereon to be the most exclusive and secret clothing line in the world.

Turns out they have them at the Virgin Megastore.

Thank you for your time and for your fantastic shoes,

Neal Medlyn

Anonymous said...

Waaaa Rachel is so cute there, I'm so glad you got to meet, woo, gimmie a few months and I'll totally be there.
HAPPY NEW YEAR, I only have 3.5 memories from mine and they are all epically embarrassing, woooo..:(

Meaghan said...

well that last picture is nice :)

brendan donnelly said...

you forgot ta add berko dropping the seinfeld bass line at 12:00

oh and the comment varification code is "winsiess"....yup we're all gonna be inners in 09

NB said...

Elizabeth! It's Nina, your fan from Edris with the TV make-up. (Which, by the way, rubbed off in the snow and wind. Bummer.) Anyway, wanted to show you the Yokoo-and-you-inspired cowl my mom knit:

Here, in which it keeps my neck warm, and here, in which I look ready to perform in Fiddler on the Roof.

I've been wearing it so often that she offered to make me another, bigger one in pumpkin orange.

Unknown said...

i've also been thinking a lot about the death of novelty new year's eve glasses. I think for halloween I might dress up as someone celebrating 2009.

Isabel said...

That sounds excellent!

Stefanie said...

this is a post of epic proportions! 2009 got off to a good start for you it seeeeems. If I talked about everything I liked in this post it would probably be a long version of this list:
-your bangs
-your green dress
-deer head over Old School booooobs
-Bev's dress and INKZ
-liquor-sneak-in-steez (we do that tooooooooo it's the smartest)
-drawing of friend as a mod (i lol'd, i hope to one day discover one of my friends was a mod but I think I might be too young. once again HOW ARE YOU 30)

White Lightning said...

1. you all rule

2. NEAL- you are my new favorite person ever, i need to SEE this live.

3. NINA! it was sooo nice to meet you and your sister (i'm still getting over the shock of being recognized...) and i love your fiddler steez. i cant beleive your mom can knit up thangs like that for you! so jealous.


5. stefanie:
i just got them bang profesh trimmed which is why look half decent.
dress is from urban, i got it in black n white too, go get that jazz
the deer head is sick i know
bev's ink s beyond
im30? im 30. i know. i have no idea how its possible either.

not keren said...

you outed my single ladies-shane mercado-dance routine and ivan doodle in one post! i will search the annals of my harddrives for photographic evidence of berko age 18.

twas a great new years and a fun hungover day after. yayayayayayayaya

brendan donnelly said...

i love your mental note: "i need things on my headin 09."


my mental note is like "i need soap in 09"

Lauren said...

due to the continuous mentioning of the song i thought you might enjoy this : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zo5ZbgkCJH8&eurl=
if u haven't already seen. really blowing up the blog today, aren't i?!

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