are you with me?

sooo like..what are you doing this saturday? oh cool cool uh huh, right, mmmhmm.


be like da cool kids (aka ME) and go see the pains of being pure at heart at the mercury lounge ! (psst-here, buy a ticket.)

first of all, they are so so good. secondly, HOW CUTE IS MY FRIEND PEGGY?
she rules, the music rules...LET'S DO THIS.

someone asked me recently "you haven't seen them live before?" and i was like..hmm no, i watch gossip girl / the city and make friendship bracelets and talk about boys with peggy, i haven't actually seen her in her ELEMENT yet...oopsy? ha.
i can't wait, really.

see you there?


besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

i'll be there, but only if you have a friendship bracelet for me!

well. no i'll try to come anyway but a bracelet is needed-my wrist is getting too light.

bobb said...

Just listened to them on MySpace. pretty cool, but unfortunately, I live way too far away from NYC or anywhere else they are playing.

Ringo, have a banana! said...

See you thereee!! (P.S. sorry if I don't recognize/see you at all at first, I wont be wearing my glasses cuz I'm a vain ninny)

E.K. said...

I learned about these guys through Twee as F*ck, they're great!

Leah said...

Argh I wish! Check em on myspace--love. Have fun!

Leah said...

I mean ***CHECKED. I rule.

InnyVinny said...

If I were out there, I'd totally go. Have a shot of bourbon for me.

Emy Augustus said...

being on roof tops is fun.
and did u know there's a fashion blog called orange lightning?

laia. said...

my friend's boyfriend's band is opening for them! how weird is that?

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