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life's been all LIFEY lately and the bloggy blog is bearing the brunt. OOPSYdoops. sorry guys, luvyoumeanitswear.

well..back to it:

one of the best things that happened in the past couple weeks was lunch with arabelle. i invited her to come hang at my robotic office in the glass tower and eat some fancy caf fare and like..ya know, chill.

we got all up in the fashion racks for a bit and then hung out at lunch and talked talked talked bout blogs n bloggers n fashion n life n future n STUFF..we talked so long i almost missed a meeting! haaa ooooops.

she brought me a bag of wonders that had such amazingly perfect presents for me:

1. this gorgeous off white thick moire satin...jacket? shirt? with hooks and eyes and ruffles..it's gorge. and really fucking cool. she said it was from a costume dept; i LOVE IT

2. a ca-ra-zay printed polyester dress that is amazing but a bit small in the i-have-giant-boobs department..i am gonna try to repurpose it somehow?...the pattern is EPIC

3. an orange floaty silk embroidered dress that is so pretty and summery but i wanna wear it with thick grey tights and platforms and get all hippie'd out, winter steez.

i've been a fashion SNOOZE lately, my inspiration has been misplaced. i am gonna make these things happen for me and i will take pics when i do.

thank you thank you belle.....i hope you had as much fun as i did. xoxo


emily said...

what a gorgeous package!

E.K. said...

That poly shirt kills!

InnyVinny said...

nice haul.

Unknown said...

i did! you are rad. i love youz.

Stefanie said...

woahhhh she brought you SWEET STUFFFFFFFFFF

Betty said...

Whoa can't wait to see it all on!

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