crazy in love

chris benz knows my secret desires.

chris benz f/w 09

NO ONE does a color palette that gives me palpitations like he does.


Tavi said...

Love it too!
And hey hey that's superblogger Laurel, loveeee

Shen-Shen said...

I completely adore the yellow outfit.

And ahhh Laurel!

Iris said...

mmmmm, mm?

Anonymous said...

the yellow outfit reminds me of proenza schouler


i would do mean things for that yellow pea coat


Mom Fashion World said...

i love the green dress.
hey, i'm adding you to my blog list.
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Ringo, have a banana! said...

God yes! He is so brilliant!

E. said...

Y'know, I THOUGHT that was Laurel, but I wasn't entirely sure.

Cool cool.

Loving all of the crazy chartreuse pieces!

Rae said...

His collection reminds me of citrus fruit. Mmmmmmmmm....tasty.

Meaghan said...

f'real, that last photo is my life now.

Kylie said...

UUuuu, that first dress is going to haunt my dreams. Love it!!!!!
Go Laurel!


Jane said...

Oh i tought it looked like Laurel, and it is! She looks wonderful and I loved his colours too. The yellow is prob my fave

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