electric youth

i didn't get to go to marc jacobs last night and i won't lie to you, it hurt a little. i felt it- right here. no, a little higher. yes. right there. sigh.

let me say this much- i have never had 80s nostalgia. i've said that on this here blog before; that decade does not really hold allure for me. (beyond cartoon memories and like, nafnaf)
maybe because it was just my childhood? not my formative teenage years or good ol college days or like marc, my WACKY CLUB KID days.

that said, today's I DIE moment goes to this:

you're not shocked, are you? i even feel the crimps. if i could, i would.

i am also insanely drawn to these 2 looks, i can't help myself.
velvet waves and electric capes will seduce me every time:

one question..when you're this model, are you upset when they put you in the WTF headwrap?

sorry daiane, loveyoumeanitswear?

what if they make you wear these?

these are like those gel masks eye masks that nobody actual ever wears.

the dude who kindly extracts CASH from my BANK ACCOUNT over at MJ on mercer street will be getting a call about these:

ummm how long til these are the new MK Ols stomper of choice? i mean, i NEED them. imperative.

lastly, i would NOT be SAD if these found their way to my tenement hovel anytime soon:

as my sister would say..marc, what goes on?
are these like those balenciaga shoetights? a lacroix homage foot spat? horse hoof legging combos? what is it? don't care, want it.


hard liquor; soft holes said...

you know i LOVE the tights. very fran dresher in the nanny wearing moschino cheap + chic (this is my new and only reference point, courtesy of my friend chrissy, btw). but seriously, the rest of the collection i was kinda totally meh on. that yellow velour 500 dress, i have to admit, i am inexplicably drawn to. it's like lanvin meets evan dando's fabric of choice circa '94.

maybe the shoulders will grow on me, and you KNOW i love an extreme shoulder. those shoes, though, are to die.

my reactions to this collection are as all over the place as the collection itself. i am natalie imbrulglia torn.

E.K. said...

That's funny I was just looking at Ann Demeulemeester's models wearing these goth top hats and I hated it, they look like twats. I thought, "I wonder if the model just calls in sick when they find out they have to wear that." Sorry, I have a thing against top hats in high fashion!


they are amazing!
i would wear them to bed


InnyVinny said...

You know...I'm oddly drawn to the hoof/spat things. I really am.

He has my vote for the best-attitude in collection. Hells yeah.

Leah said...

i think mj totally killed it. i actually went to work early this morning to look at the collection before anyone could catch me. and i was a bit hungover, so that says a lot. killkillkillllled it. im swooning, sorry. omgahhh.

and uhh..my verification word was toistscu?? that repulses me for some reason?

laia. said...

the shoooooooooooooes!! THE SHOES!!

dude it was so good.

thehistoryofmyfuture said...

WRONG! I totally wear a gel mask sometimes!! never for fashion reasons though.

piƱa said...

the velvet waves dress is BEYOND! and the flock of segulls ratty sidehive amuses me.

Andrew said...

yeah I died at that look too

THE E N T H U S I A S T said...

The headwrap coat combo is my new just out of the Jacuzzi/lounge around the house look.

So out of control, so under control.

Ps. the glasses come attached to the domescarf. It's a package deal.

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