friday, dudes

day off from work, high 50s on da thermostat, and lunch n dinns with girls i love.
even though this fucking COUGH is makin my body ACHE all ova, i feel SO AMPED UP !

get outside today, i command you!



Katie Coleslaw said...

i got this dude's sick on my hand last year. i get wet... but like, literally. the puke smelt of onion

THE E N T H U S I A S T said...

ADF saw this maniac (AWK) live in concert. In Austin.

Then again my man has seen everyone from Tina Turner to Shabba Ranks to Pink Floyd. So it's no surprise.

(Today was amazing. Thank you for spending it with me. I adorrrrred it.)

Iris said...

today was -16° C in toronto. (jealoussss)

E.K. said...

My wife and I randomly throw on AWK just to get happy, he puts me in the best mood.

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