hand me my leathuhhhhh*

i got a little preview of the UO spring catalog a few weeks ago and i freakkked out because slow & steady wins the race is doing a capsule collection! amaze.

one thing that stopped me dead in my tracks was this LEATHER TEE SHIRT

this photo makes it seem less amazing than it does in the catalog but i want it anyway.
how SICK?
leather tee + highwaisted grey wool schoolgirl skirt + bare legs + platforms = white lightning spring 09 everyday jam.

best believe.

*omg tori amos reference. i am so barfy sometimes


InnyVinny said...

Each time I see that shirt, I want it a little more.

carolyn said...

um, alicia/instantvintage pretty much summed up my feelings...
and way to go with the tori amos ref haha. and it's not the weatherrrr...

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

i was so excited about this too!
but i hate to say it..but i will.
--it looks terrible with boobies.
i tried it on the other day..and no bueno senorita. it needs to be longer or with a woder neck..
but think of it this was, you'll save some money!
(or at least i will until they make a scoopnecked version)..

Folu said...

from browsing this blog is seems like you are one of the few people on this planet who would be able not just to wear that shirt but also to rock it with some serious fierceness

check out my blog http://fabfolu1.blogspot.com/

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