i made it through the wilderness

ok, ok, BACK.
back on the scene, back in business, back.

i have a lot to catch up on, let's begin with how NY fashion week ended.

or as i like to call it, what's on your head in 09?

your mom's handbag?

isaac mizrahi f/w 09

a kfc bucket?

narciso rodriguez f/w 09

prada turbans?

brendan donnelly f/w 09

what's everyone thinking? this town has gone banananies.
thank god..i'm not alone anymore!

ok so
brendan came by while i was convalescing this weekend.
he amused himself (and me) by breaking the 'no bros' barrier of my bedroom (i mean, its full of girl stuff. and unless you're in the 'let's get naked' category, i'd prefer we hang out on the couch. ya know?) and trying on all my weird accesssories. don't let him front, it was HIS IDEA!

he found my mirror and white lightnin-ed that jazz:

and my yokoo bow and sunglasses pile:

there is more of our teen-movie-montage-worthy shenaniganz on his bloggyblog. (if you don't have that jazz on your daily blogroll by now...i mean..)

bdonns can be a good cure for what ails ya. although the laughing became intense coughing and then i felt like i was dying again. fun!

one thing though:
that a-hole kept trying to take pics of me 3 days into the flu in my sick pants.


Anonymous said...

love the bow!

InnyVinny said...

Yeah, you need to be careful he doesn't jack you for that bow.

E.K. said...

A new trend sweeps the nation, men in bows!


boy cooties on all your stuff!


brendan donnelly said...

i think i started a new trend.

Kylie said...

That bow actually looks pretty awesome on him, don't worry not nearly as rad as you!

The turban really tops it in the headwear category. Mizrahi, Rodriguez, wuts you tinkin!?! (Although tha all over matching print is kind of amazing...)

Anonymous said...

Aww that's cute, sounds like you guys had fun. I love that bow. Hahah sick clothes. I'm in sick clothes right now, I definitely would not want photos.

edgecakez said...

listen bo, sick clothes are gonna be so hot for s/s 09. bdonns has got the white lightning pose DOWN to a science, watch your back. i want to live in that jangle pile. when i come over i am stealing stuff!

Anonymous said...

hahaha hilarious!!! he seems like a lovely lil time!

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