it'll take you a couple of vodka and tonics to set you on your feet again

last night i fucking raged it out. it felt so good. (ummm today, not so much.)

veevs is saying a weeklong byeeeeeelosersss to new york and i am tryin to make it count. lisa looked like a beautiful canadian cat burgler, stevie wore his platforms, ADF was an epic partner in crime and kuo basically cemented fave deejay evs status.

cause let's get real,
when you bust this shit out at 3 AM:

you're tops for life in my book.


hotdog water said...


Still wearing my toque, ps.

Isabel said...

OPERATION IVY!!! I used to love them in high school! Listening to that song makes me realizes that I still do. :)

Aviva said...

I can't believe you out-partied the fucking DJ. I mean, make me feel old why dontcha!

I looooooooove you Elizabeth. you're the specialest special. xxx


i need to know how you do the late weeknights, i'm gettin' old before my time dang!

wool and misc said...

OP IVY. flashback mania. thanks!

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