let's chillibrate

everyone's FA-REAKIN out bout this cover image that's been floatin round the internets of katie grand's new mag.

everyone be hatin on the logo. (on the webs, here at work, on da streets, etc)

not me! i am totally feeling it. i will not lie.
i am reallllly into riding the line of bad taste if the tilt it toward the next level and i kinda think this is.
well, that and i worship katie grand.
i also say let's judge it in person, what if its embossed or has a varnish or something? could be sick. i am betting on diggin it.

i also have to say that i have seen a preview of a LOVE cover, which i was told was the first cover, which was not this one, or any of the ones i've seen posted online so far.....and it was a doozy.
can't wait to see what actually makes the newsstands...


InnyVinny said...

Why the hate? I love that cover.


sd said...

i like the cover too
and i'm excited!
i can't wait to finally get my hands on a copy

Hazel said...

i want to be katie grand when i grow up.
i'm so excited for this magazine it's sickening.
i think it's less about the logo and about the entire look. i'm guessing Aggy's channeling the Queen?

but, if it's Katie then it's bound to be amazingfantasticsuperduperluperawesome

E.K. said...

Embossed would be killer!

laia. said...

my problem is strictly with the logo. tho i am withholding future criticism until i see the real thing. i know that these arent covers, just the ads that went on the magazines so im relaxed. but i dunno, the combination of a crazy beth ditto with that logo could be interesting for sure.

WPZ - Sandy said...

Hey, I saw this and thought of you...

AFitz said...

So excited for this; they have iggy pop on another cover too


i actually agree with you. its a nice cover, but i'm not crazy for it!

La C.

Anonymous said...

I love Agyness so I'm a little biased.

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