lovefest, basically.

ok so..my friends kat and andrew are like...my number one couple crush, i swear.
they are maybe the cutest funniest most amazing gossip girl night hosting duo* of all time.

i mean:

look at them. cmon..do you die? I ALWAYS DIE.

first of all, kat is one of the funniest gals i know. bdonns set us up, those two are friends from high school and OBVS he knew we'd hit it off...
she'll start voicemails with "hello, my dove". she has amazingly killer style, sublimely bonkers dance moves, a really gorge smile and the best advice ever.
you can read her smart and funny musings over at paper magazine's blog.

bodkin..photo by ADF/ styling by K Clements

as for andrew aka ADF...just seein that kid makes me smile. A. he's like the cutest boy alive (sorry kat, don't kill me) AND B. he takes amazing photos. and sometimes wears a riding helmet just like...to hang out. also, on a shallow note?..seriously epic hair. ADF rules.

i adore them.

sometimes they like me ok too...i met up with the DYNAMIC DUO at the zero + maria cornejo show yesterday. ADF made me look half decent and kat wrote something wayyyy too nice about me for PAPER...

thanks for the big ups, lovelies.

* tight race with keren and james for awesome adorable GG night couple..they need their own post too. WHY ARE ALL MY FRIENDS SO BEST? you assholes.


InnyVinny said...

Amazing friends you have.



Maristella said...

what sunglasses are those? they're pretty hot! :)

THE E N T H U S I A S T said...

I melt.
I swoon.
I leap with all this love.

Maristella: sunglasses are Karen Walker and they are mine and they are hold-steady-hotness on our gal White Light.
She needs a pair of her own in a very bad way.

Philippa Snow said...

Fuck, it must be amazing to write for Paper's blog. How do people even get these jobs? I need some guidance from someone somewhere. I haven't even mastered getting companies to send me free stuff yet, despite having literally FIVES of readers.

It's a blog's life (I hate myself).

deedoubleyou said...

those sunglasses are amaaaaazing!

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