my year in lists

ohhh dangsauce
this shit is, how do you say, on point.

christopher kane F/W 09

this looks like the black tape they use on dressforms to plan patterns or something, right? i always want a dress made out of it.
and, cmon,
oxfords with a dress is one of my favoritest things ever.

the wishlist is getting so long and there's still milan AND paris to come...whatever shall i do?


Unknown said...

Ah I only skimmed though the Christopher Kane collection. I'm not massively feeling it, though I do like the bottom left dress.

style-magnet said...

CHRIS KANE IS BEAUTIFUL. I'm more impressed with London's fashion week than I used to be... Richard Nicoll & Jaeger & Ann-Sofie Back have my ♥

InnyVinny said...

Prepare to spend money - on diy supplies or an actual piece to forty.

Eyeliah said...

Love the white dresses on the left.

Leah said...

gah im so glad ur back to regular blogging.

laia. said...

we picked the same things!
love it
love it all

Anonymous said...

he is just insanely amazing!!
nice to see him pay with more black!

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