this isn't weird, is it?

do you ever get obsessed with someone's steez cause its basically your total fash opposite?
i kinda do, that's how i feel about lulu.

things i cannot wear and look remotely interesting:
sneakers, sweatpants, a dropcrotch anything, white tees, a backpack

things she wears and always looks hot:
sneakers, sweatpants, a dropcrotch anything, white tees, a backpack

this is intensified by the fact that she's so ATTITUDE. (i mean that with all the love i have, lulu) i mean..her blog is called lulu and your mom. isn't that enough? i love.

we have one crossover addiction and that is the shoes from THAT CHLOE COLLECTION. i have 2 different pairs, i think she she has 3...we can be friends, no?

here's karlie kloss doing some lulu-esque bromantic looks (a little too much on the rockabilly tip but still)

armand basi one f/w 09

style opposite addictions are soooooo hot for 09; don't get left behind, yo.

pics of lulu from her site, obvi


InnyVinny said...

On it! I look a damn gym bunny trying to do sweats and sneakers. Lulu does is so well.

E.K. said...

I'm like that with musicians. I tend to love people who have opposite musical sounds. My best friend is a folk musician and I love his music. Strange world isn't it?

Rae said...

Glad your back! My stalker-ish tendencies for this blog were dissapointed. Keep bloggin!

Unknown said...

I totes agree about Lulu's style. She looks bomb but I'd look silly in it.

Leah said...

gah i love lulu she is sososo dope, & you're right her attitude kicks.

Vera said...

yes, lulu is all fierceness!

Gabriela Ciobanu said...

i admire your blog...is like no other one;) keep writing
maybe you'll want to take a look on mine

lulu said...

Sup twitter buddy!!! I'm diggin this Opposites section you're doing. I'm so flattered :D

Shay said...

this post inspired one I did today in which you are mentioned. Thanks for that little click of the brain...

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