you, me, dancing? YES.

do you guys know what is the serrriously hot shit in OH NINE??
i am so serious.
i mean...let's just GET EXCITED about everything; detachment bores me to TEARS.

tonight i saw titus andronicus (with los campesinos) at bowery and i had a total OMFG moment. i am smitten.


ps they are jersey boys - glen rock, whuuuut. BERGEN COUNTY REPRESENT.

pps the whole night was so 90s steez rock out, there was fucking crowd surfing for pete's sake.
and i love the retro ONE BAND OPENER vibe, bring that back why don't you, i hate watching 4 fucking openers.
los campesinos! was epic too, the kids love them, the whole place was jumping and moshing (!) and dancing their faces off.

best show in the longest time. i feel high on getting amped...

edit: i just reread this post- was soooo pysched up last night, i guess was swearing like a sailor? well, i use terrible language, better you know now. haahaha


dana said...

los campesinoooohhhhssss
they literally rocked my socks off. no really.

Anonymous said...

Los Campesinos FTWWWWWWW.
Yay for Welsh indie bands :D

E.K. said...

For real with the 4 openers! I hate when I play a show and I don't get on stage until 12:30-1 because every band in town decided they wanted to open for me. It's hard to stay energetic for the crowd after that long of a wait. Bore me to death! Bands treat every show like a mini-festival now.

erin said...

yes!!! up with fun, down with cool! that's what we say around here (or like me and one other person, at least).

Leah said...

enthusiam...amen to that!! im jeals at the level of fun you were on, it sounds faaaantastic.

brendan donnelly said...

sorry, i don't speak spanish

Awesomeallday said...

haha what are you talking about? Everybody knows that it's super cool to pay to get into a show and then act like your bored! Isn't it?

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