5% pay cut be damned

more reasons to be a flat-chested waif...90% of what's to offer at welcomehunters:

these boots, THESE BOOTS! if they are SOLD OUT, why leave them on the site to TORTURE ME?
this daniel palillo dress is the scream mask as a garment. I WANT IT.

the necklace is a roided out rip of my girl angela's stuff, but epic nonetheless.
and this parka is for boys buuuuut WHO CARES, hand it over.

and for the record? THIS:

is considered unisex. love it.


Gnar Jen said...

WTF? I love those boots! Shit wtf where are they sold out!?!?

White Lightning said...

its all from the same site..i updates and added link fer you..SO BUMMED!!!

InnyVinny said...

Damn that! Those are the closest thing to those elusive Chole docs and I'm going to find a pair.

*shakes fist*

brendan donnelly said...

totl barrow rip off, she should sue

the StReeT chanteuse said...

luvs it

Amanda said...

YES!!! i posted about the same boots a few months ago and they were sold out then...totally lame they leave them up in the shop. i heard from another blogger that you can call ktz in london and they had some pairs awhile ago

Enfievre said...

this stuff was made for elizabeth only.

Sarah said...

lady lightning, correct me if I'm wrong, but I saw this on UO this afternoon, and I think it has your name written all over it:



Rosé Magritte said...

oh my god the meshshirt is giving me simultaneous orgasmic episodes. my eyes are shedding ounces of liquified fashion love. need need need

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