back to life, back to surreality

lalala, stuff on my head, lalala, what else can i add...

dolce & gabbana f/w 09

gloves and multiheadbands!
the list is growing long,
oh so long.

what else do i want on my head?
amuse me with your musings!


Unknown said...

a small child, a bottle of nail polish, what you're reading atm, a sweater in case you get cold..

laia. said...

ooh i didnt notice those multiheadbands! awesomeness.

i think you need a crazy ampersand hat.

Pudgie said...

Yellow Yarn!

Anonymous said...

speakers, tulips, dice, and sequince.

Done and done.

Jessica said...

iPod Speakers!

That'd be pretty rad.

Jessica said...


A stack of books?

Stacks of lego creations?


Jessica said...

Shit, I just realized someone said speakers above me. Ha, and I THOUGHT I was really creative for .5 seconds.

Oh hot damn, this clearly ain't my jam.

Matt said...

Fashion a bunch of those click-clack plastic ball hairbands into a cluster of grapes like the big glass ones people used to put on their coffee tables in the 70s!

Pudgie said...

You should put Y2K on your head!

Anonymous said...

plastic animals, barbies, tiny liquor bottles (which actually may come in handy), a giant spider, birds nests w/ eggs, stacks of sunglasses, and finally... a live ferret.

Meaghan said...

make like ... a lego skyline! with little lego people? you could do different cities!
or palm trees. very many.
or a tea cup and saucer! kinda off center.
or OTHER EYES. so when you're looking down it's like you're still looking ahead.

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

i have a royal blue velvet double band that they seem to have used for inspiration for the black..you should borrow..

Non Faux said...

i have to admit, the head-glove is a bit.... uh... strange.

like someone used it to bitch-slap her and decided to just leave it on her head.

i don't know.
maybe i just don't get it.

oh well.

WendyB said...

I must get a head-glove! Then I will say, "No head-glove, no love."

pieandbelle said...

woop another person who adores putting ridiculous crap on her bonce.. my list is ever growing..

so far i have had upon my head - a multitude of hats, bows, xmas tree baubles, fake birds, dolls house table, dolls house bird cage, feathers, pieces of fabric, necklaces, net, brooches, curtain rope, plastic masks, flowers and mouse and cat ears!!

and now thanks to you i will be wearing gloves on my head too!!

Anonymous said...

Fuzzy dice! Shoes! Stop Signs!

T-Bonz said...

Delia Deets would be proud.


a pump.
precariously perched


White Lightning said...

you are all wayyyy too funny.. TOP FORM

hahaha..i love that there were multiple lego shout-outs, i was planning a little lego DIY this weekend..!

the StReeT chanteuse said...

How about boxes? a la gareth pugh

could be smart. no? especially on white lightning.


Eva said...

put a bubbleblower machine on your head! and when the wind starts blowing, you will leave a bubble trace behind you. ooh, very magical :)

ashley said...

its like stuff on my cat for people.

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