calling all in transit

i'm on an early REM kick right now.
first teevee appearance ever?!

not sure if most of you are aware (as i know many of you lovely readers are quite YOUNG) but michael stipe used to be maaaaajorly hot.

like, full on full-lipped shaggy-haired sneaky fantasy.
so so hot.

also enjoy my older man fantasy david letterman who was also totally foxy.

best record so far of 1983!


Anonymous said...

WAH Michael Stipe, my early teens were major REM fuelled! huge huge crush. I went to this epic show in 95, REM, Radiohead, The Cranberries and Sleeper, my 14 yr old self actually 'died'
those were the days eh..

Anonymous said...

also, how crazy is it seeing him with all that hair, cherubesque

E.K. said...

That's funny. I've been on a early REM kick too! Yesterday I went to this vinyl shop and some guy had sold like 30 REM singles, I'm mean everything!!! German, UK, French pressings. It was insane!!! It spanned their entire career, I didn't even know half those records were ever released.

Non Faux said...

i had a huge crush on him too.
and david bowie!!

oooho david bowie! <3

jackson said...

I also thought Michael Stipe was majorly hot from a young age. I met him at a party a few weeks ago and I was so nervous I couldn't focus the camera when he agreed to a picture. I blew it. I wish I could post it here.

q11k said...

Not to be a total banana-head, but
he looks aloooootttt like Brian Krackow from My So-Called Life.

(lovely younger reader, ahoy)

Rachel said...

i was convinced i was going to marry him when i was 12, had not quite yet developed gaydar.

Anonymous said...

he looks like eddie vedder a bit

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