herrr did

sometimes lovely people send me lovely things (i know, life is so hard!).

after i commented about how much i loved her handiwork, the way too cute danielle sent me one of the chunkycool knotted headbands that she makes. ANNNND she sent it in the perfect red.
(ahem, she sent it so long ago it's embarrassing. sometimes i don't know where my head is, i am sooo sorry it took me this long to document my love, danielle!! forgive me?!).

i felt so RED today..easier to find me in the snow?

um..you guys? i take pictures of myself when i'm alone and post them on the internets.
tooootalllly cool, i'm like a grownup n stuff.

danielle has an etsy store, if you fancy a knotted wonder of your own...(you do, you do)!


Unknown said...

you make me smile

InnyVinny said...

Love it. So much.

Dude! I can wear stuff on my head now. I'm EXCITED!!!

Christine said...

it's so cute :D

edgecakez said...

i miss that scrunchery smile bo! x

edgecakez said...

also, i realllly want that headband!

Katie Coleslaw said...

super cute, but i think you should offer it to kanye's girl, yknow, so we have something to look at other than the egg resembling a head.

deedoubleyou said...

aww thanks so much e!!!
it looks awesome on you :)
glad you like the red

Eva said...

youre so funny! love the headband :)

Iris said...

today i was doing some breakdown on costumes for a show i'm working on, and i put two hot pink sashes into the washer with some bleach to make them look older and more faded. when they came out, they were tied exactly like this headband. i grinned and told everyone, but no one knew what i was talking about. haha.

Enfievre said...

you should have your own headband line?? whitelightning for _______ ?

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