i am weak.

i can't take it anymore.
i haaaaave to make one of these shredded up jimjamz that everyone is doing..
this picture from outsapop trashion sealed the deal:

she takes commissions, but i gotta think i can handle my own shredz...right? (crickets)

miss outsapop posted a tutorial (and of course camille has one as well) that makes it seems pretty doable, i don't know, this may HAVE to be this weekend's project...keren? kat? lou? who's with me?

pic from outsapop


Tavi said...

Oooh...I wasn't gonna do one of these before either but it looks SO cool in stripes. It seems I might have to get off my ass for once. *sigh*

noirohio vintage said...

YES. i back the stripes better than just a solid tee!!


laia. said...

ive been thinking about doing this now that i have insane amounts of free time.

Unknown said...

i'm going to be honest and say OMG IT HURTS YOUR FINGERS SO MUCH IF YOU DO IT A LOT. it's soooooooooooooososososososososo tedious

Meghann E said...

I'm working on a t-shirt dress version of this right now.
Post pictures if you partake in this awesomeness


InnyVinny said...

Dope in stripes!

It's not hard to do at all. You'll be fine. Couple of hours pulling; no sweat.

kelse said...

haha that thing is INTENSE

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

i've tried a couple times, after watching camille's tutorial..but honestly, i lost patience..i.e. it didn't hang as fluidly+languidly as i'd hoped after an hour of picking+pulling. but i'd totally give it another go! i think it'd be more fun to do together. can we do it the weekend after xabi leaves?? i'm unavailable for crafternoon's until then..
but i'm ready to put it on a calendar. done+done.

Tupps said...

i don't know how i stumbled on to your blog. itz mint.

added to the shortcut.

mike mills...yes wuhh

red.door.read said...

stripes are definitely a go-er.

T-Bonz said...

you are having a shredding crafternoon?

corrie said...

Oooooh the stripes!

I just finished my first one, done almost entirely during a phone convo with my mother. That woman drives me to shred.

emily/sentimental-value said...

Have you seen this?

Seems like a fun project and a second life for ripped tights.

Kylie said...

Aw, I love outsapop! I do like her shred top, very very much. To tell you the truth I wasnt very impressed with the other shredded t's around the blogosphere... didn't really float my boat.
The stripes make all the difference, and the fact that she shredded the WHOLE BACK! Love it


Unknown said...

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