the mullet and the meh

so um, this is kanye's new "girlfriend"?

i heard about KDUBZ' latest "flame" (quotations are necessaire, i do NOT believe that KW likes to touch it on girls) from friends who were at LFW.
i mean.
i don't know.

if miss amber wanted mayjah craycray points, she shoulda worn that bag like a fucking bonnet, GAGA STEEZ.
i give her a C for effort.

perhaps if i had seen this first, amber dressed like michael jackson circa thiller, i would be a teensy more on her side?

meh. still not feeling it.
kanyyiizzzzzzzle, if you need a BEARD, you need to DATE LADY GAGA.
dude fash sidenote: LOVINNNNNGGG bowtie with denim jacket. love it, learn it, live it. adorbz.


InnyVinny said...

she looked better in the LFW pictures...

and I heard she had a girlfriend prior to dating Kanyeezee, so that might add a lil' to your theory.

but I ain't one to gossip, so you didn't hear that from me.

Hazel said...

what the duck

Ian Brown said...

Gandhi's head on a hooker's body?

absolutely not said...

it is easier to accept that she's dating yeezy if you imagine that she is actually wearing a pair of umbro sports googles circa your middle school soccer team days.
or at least it is for me (also careful what you say about yeezy's girl. she looks like she eats bitches for breakfast)

Anonymous said...

I saw her the other day and she was SO SOOOOOO hot, I was floored, but yeah not sure hes batting on our side...

the StReeT chanteuse said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
the StReeT chanteuse said...

Didnt Kanye say he'll "do anything for a blond dike and we'll do anything when the times right." in his song Stronger. to all the people who say she's bi or whatever.

the StReeT chanteuse said...

me thinks he was talking about Amber, I mean she was once blonde you can tell. the second look is an upgrade though. Maybe Kanye likes to rub her bald head?

Six Six Sick said...

What? Kanye has such good taste in clothes, I thought he would have better taste in arm candy, beard or not...


Anonymous said...

I feel really terrible for saying this, but aren't they so clearly EACH OTHER's beard's?

Either way, those AA "disco pants" have got to die. My lower half is definately not in the mood to "disco" when I'm looking at that shit.

Shaneeza Aziz said...

i think she's pretty. there's a cute picture of them on purple mag's blog. terry richardson taking a shot of the couple.

Non Faux said...


i guess in a weird, demented way.... they look good together??

or maybe... neither of them make the other look bad?

there we go. that was it.

Enfievre said...

i cant

Stephanie said...

I dunno, she's pretty hot. I'm guessing if I started batting for the other team I'd be into curvy bald chicks with good bone structure. Buuut beard seems like a pretty appropriate term here, dude.

fidel said...

she is a hot chick even if shes bi or watever bald long hair she is natural

and if you are not sure of some stupid rumors(kanye being gay) dont be all like a rat and put it on your blog just cuz u heard it thats really lame and im wonderin whats your style i see you like to talk shit of other ppls clothing i wonder how youu dress

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