necessary viewing

last night i went to film forum to see 'valentino, the last emperor'.

it was so funny and fantastic.
the tan, the pugs, the italian.
it was also, apparently, the hot ticket.
the entire day was almost sold out by 1 PM yesterday!
and i spied asfour(three?) and philip lim in the theatre as well....!

best moment of the film is when karl says in valentino's ear after his final show (they speak to each other in french, oh la la): "compared to us, everyone else makes rags"


the StReeT chanteuse said...

sounds like quite a night i would d i e to be in the same room as threeasfour and phillip lim...

ahh now i must see slash rent from obscure vidoe plex around town, thanx for the reccomendation

and karl is ridic... i love him so cocky, soooo has every right to be

nikky said...

love your blog.

exchange links?


Tricia said...

the trailer! now i must go see asap.

Wardrobe Chick said...

Aaawwww I caught it in LA on GNO ( Girls Night Out) this is a must see and then a must own! Lovely! The lil old lady next to me became my BFF as we laughed and cryed through it all!

Erlinda Denise

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