never not awesome

i live for the mood that rei creates every season.

comme des garcons f/w 09 (click pic to make it biggerrrr)

this is twisted practicality at it's finest.
(it's winter, just wear your blanket UNDER your teeny jacket)

i covet all of it and WISH upon wish to be the girl who could pull this off

add to crafternoon list: trompe l'oeil jacket painting, tulle leggings


InnyVinny said...

awesomesauce photos...

and i hope you diy some tulle leggings. please, do tulle leggings!

Anonymous said...

Is that a Richard Prince desktop? Sweetness. yet another peek in to the not-so-private public life of WL.

I saved your screen shot for my own desktop, just to add another level on my end. The psd framing of the CdG pics works out kinda cool

the StReeT chanteuse said...

Ok OK OK you picked all of my fav looks from CdG sooo that kinda means were twins, didnt you know that? and tha clarity of the photos was nice could really see the details and feel what REI was going for. love.

ps I could see you in the black faux jacket with the white outline to the far rights. and the shoes.

White Lightning said...

alicia- i want to make them! i need to recruit my sis, she has actual sewing knowhow.

notermark: it IS, it is..ah yes, glimpses into the REAL ME..i love that it;s yr desktop, very malkevich/malkevich

late writings: I NEED THAT JACKET! ...ooor make it.

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