oooh la la, la lalalalala*

i know i have heretofore eschewed the 80s trend but i am making one GIANT exception and it is for the louis vuitton show.

i am smitten.

i know marc declared this a big love letter to parisian ladies but i feel like it's a british gal gone french or something? it's cooler-lacroix. (sweetie dahling, dahling sweetie).

my heart is full.

can you see the detailing on that striped shirt? the stripes are all separate and held together by studs! good grief. and those sunglasses are off the charts.
making these necklaces POSTE HASTE, obvs.

so sexy gorgeous flouncey insanity.

this reminds me of the chloe collection that we all die for..you know which one i'm talkin bout.

i just can't. i'm swooning. that giant parka and a crazy legging (that "thigh" is freaking me out, but i digress) ???

i want to be this girl. i do. for a day or two, at least.

marc has made me high..but lets not sleep on giving the stylist credit, peoples..i see her all over this:

i die, katie. I DIE.



Unknown said...

I loved it too! I want to see it all up close and stroke it. When I was looking through the photos I also almost choked on my lunch when I saw that 'thigh' ... so gross!

Leah said...

i just dont know how he does it and she does it and it just ends up looking so fucking awesome. ridiculous.


Stephanie said...

I totally agree with the sheer brilliance of it all, but honestly... the bunny ears are making me a little uncomfortable!

laia. said...

oh dude, those glasses are INSANE!
love them.

fearless by design said...

omg I freaking......DIE that colection was bloody brilliant marc makes the world go round no matter how 80s inspired he is :)

WendyB said...

Love the barely-connected stripes.
Agree on the scariness of the thigh!

Katie said...

i LOVE that pic of katie grand ! super bowtastic cutie pie.

Artsy Geek said...

The bows set the standards and make the outfits in these pictures. loooooove it

THE E N T H U S I A S T said...

that's my girl.
when are we working on ours?

ashley said...

ha. lacroix is forever linked to ab fab for me too.

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