picture bookz

recent acquisitions in the quest to keep my brain from becoming zeros and ones:

mike mills graphics films

i love mike mills. i love him so much. marry me.
mental note: need to dig out all old x-girl tshirts, post haste.
there is a picture of a pile of them in the book and i own at least 4 of 'em. (...somewhere)

also this:

the last magazine #2

fifty-eight pictures of natasha / camilla akrans

this magazine is so insanely enormous. i feel like edith ann reading the newspaper. (whoa..reference for old people? classic sesame street, dudes!)
the first issue was a bit boring, oopsy?
i liked this issue muuuuuch more content-wise (beyond the seductive ginormity). it's still a bit of an 'eh', though; to be honest.

ps, official review of M/M redesigned interview mag? GIANT THUMBS DOWN. shocking. so let down. thanks for killing me softly, mon freres.


Amanda said...

loooove me some mike mills too. geoff mcfetridge is also a big fave. i haven't seen the new interview yet...can't imagine M/M effing up, i gotta see this

Kiki said...

the natasha/ camilla thing looks so good...like one of those cameras that takes 12 images in 3 seconds or whatever...

Unknown said...

totally agree with you about the new interview

freshpinkstyle said...

Oh! Nice Mike Mills-related post. He's great! Unfortunately, I hear he's gettin' hitched to Miranda July in May.

banksy canvas said...

What great news this is, love them so much!

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