she's like a rainbow

i guess i need to put my tits away for FW 09..a flat white breastbone is clearly a gal's best friend (isn't it always):

prada f/w 09

sooo...is this a fur/brocade swingy dress thang with rain boots? mmmkay. just checking (if you were wondering, i love it madly)

i don't now what's happening here, hip wader garter-hosen?:

prada f/w 09


how bout feet-hawks?!

prada f/w 09

so sick. like the movie GLADIATOR plus the knights of ROHAN (nerdsauce, watched lotr all day, BUSTED!) plus SID VICIOUS but AS A MARY-JANE! wannnnnt to wear. you do too, don't lie.

oohhhh go ahead, LAUGH at us, you pazzo regazza. it just gets weirder and we just love it more. i hate slash love you, forever and evs.


Iris said...

those SHOES! oh man.

emily said...

apparently thigh high / leg footwear / legwear combinations are what's happening this season..?!

those mohawk shoes. oh boy. they'll be the death of us all.

E.K. said...

I told laia at Geometric Sleep they look like fashionable spurs! That changes the look of the old-West.

Rae said...

Gladiator heels are here to stay I guess....What an AWESOME spin on them though.....

P.S. My word verification was STREP. hahahaaaa.

InnyVinny said...

i just fainted at the sight of those shoes. HOT DAMN!

Leah said...

the shoes.


Anonymous said...

omg. im so confused by all of this.
i don't know what to expect next.

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