summer is coming, apparently

i think i'm only marginally aware of who tracy feith is.
i think he is a HE and like some sort of hippie surfer? that makes pretty dresses for girls in soho?
is that right?

well he's doing a target collab and he gets the WL thumbs up because this dress, on the left?

is straight out of the salvation army in my dreams. very mrs roper.

that's a compliment.

ps, that's ALLIE from the CITY in my dress! she does model!
pics from racked


E.K. said...

The WL thumbs up would be a cool award, like a statue of a thumbs up that says, "You killed it" ;)

White Lightning said...

haahaha. i'm gonna start amking them and handing them out.

...aand then people will be like, who cares. YAY! haa

Rae said...

oooooooh. knowing the target near my home....there will be none left in a matter of hours. :(

not keren said...

allie looks like a cupie doll there, no?

Anonymous said...

that's pretty much the salvation army of my dreams too. I wish I could wear yellow and orage without looking like I'm going to puke.

ANG; said...

ALLIE is mofooo gorgeous! ahh!(:
love the dresses too (:

Artsy Geek said...

What adorable dresses, thats the beauty of summer. Little, cute, vibrant dresses

THE E N T H U S I A S T said...


i have so many visions of you in that dress already. must get.

plus you will be able to play chameleon in quogue like crazy, blending into walls and triggering flashbacks.


Enfievre said...

love the dress but love that its allie even more. ive been seeing a lot of her lately.

IBBB said...

I spotted Sleepy Time Allie!

This is like Where's Waldo for me!


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