to sum up.

transcript of text messages that sum up the burberry party last night pretty succinctly:

friend: hi

me: hi. uh i'm at a barney's party hosted by chuck bass.

friend: ha, really?

me: yes really. it's like a douchey dude convention.

friend: whoa...coke & herpes?

me: no..more like hair straightners & diet pillz.


notes for the record:
chuck stayed for about ten mins, he had on a lot of make up and but was still so so cute , i can't lie. so small. very small.

MK was being trailed by derek blasberg most of the night, she was in a trench (probs burberry?), skintight jeans and her signature balenciaga boots. teeny mctinerson, duh.

leigh lezark seems super mean girlish (duh not a shocker) and her bf max minghella was def the hottest boy therrrr. good GRIEF, quite a looker.

all in all...let's be honest, those parties are not so fun unless the gay boys you work with and the ones you know from other magazines are there so you can all gossip and be awful.

gg recap to come tonight, too much actual work....


Amanda said...

you are so right about those parties not being that fun unless you can dish with peeps. i still would like to see little MK in person. one day...

Philippa Snow said...

I am really not surprised that Lezark is a bitch. She has a chronic case of bitchface.

Madeline said...

wow what an event. I think I prefer keeping MK at a distance. I think meeting her might spoil some of her glamour

sleepyhead said...

defs agree with max minghella thoughts.

Enfievre said...

i agree w those parties too. i met misshape before and she was a total too cool for school brat. her boyf was way hot but a lil swollen.

Non Faux said...

ooooOooh sounds like it was fun.
in a douch-y sort of way.
but still a good laugh, i suppose.

Leah said...

way too much fun, as usual!!

Dar said...

have you seen this fresh obscenity?? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lily_%28TV_series%29
they are going to have characters from the OC on the GG spinoff show.

Aditi Ray said...

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