we will spread, we will cover the earth

this album is one of my top ten of ALL TIME.

desaparecidos : read music speak spanish

if you don't own this record welllll then...you're not really trying.


laia. said...

will check it out.

Rachel Taliaferro said...

you might like Cap'n Jazz...

sleepyhead said...

holy shit....i was just on a desaparecidos kick about a month ago. def part of my top ten as well.

lly jyn said...

agreed! love this band too. :)

Iris said...

unexpectedly enjoyable!

Diana said...

oh my word. i bought this years ago and it's one of my top ten too!! loves it.

*long time reader, first time subscriber. i had to pipe in and comment on this*

brodie said...

oh man, my 14 year old suburban australian kid got her major angst on to "I don't want to be ashamed to be American".

Unknown said...

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