who are you to tell the truth and kill my fantasy?

my widgetz tell me it's gonna be 62 degreees up in new york citayyyyy today.



emily said...

it is sixty five GLORIOUS degrees here!
have a good day!

laia. said...


too bad i have to be at work but man the door to the store is propped open and im jazzing around in my SHORT SLEEVES and pants with no tights/leggigns under it! YEAAH

(no bare legs cause i uhh dont remember the last time i shaved my legs... TMI? sorry)

AFitz said...

Lucky bum. It's raining here.

(PS: I've talked to you over twitter a few times...I'm annabananafish, the Titus Andronicus fan, just introduciny myself :])

Non Faux said...

that is so weird, considering it was only 50 degrees in Las Vegas today.
smack dab in the middle of the desert.

the StReeT chanteuse said...

samesies. except my go to summer song was Mungo Jerry- Summertime.

"in the summer time when the weather is fine, you can jump right up and touch the sky, when the weathers right, you got women you got women on your mind"


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