clearly i have failed you

how have i missed all of the episodes this v. v. important dramatic series?

for some reason i thought you could only watch these on verizon phones.
nopes, this thing called the "internet" has them all!!
i have failed miserably.
i must catch up, tonight, POST HASTE.

did you all see the commercial last night? COUNTESS DOROTA?

i need to get to the bottom of this.


Eyeliah @ stylesymmetry.com said...

Yes, I know right? Also, why was Lil J playing Monopoly at Chucks house... just so they could have that scene????

Pamela said...

hahaha I love Dorota. what episode are you guys up to in America?


MEAGHAN!? said...

geisha lipstick/a TEACUP/a clockwork orange hat/john lennon's glasses/my mom's earrings/a fabric body harness SUIT!!!!
do i even need to tell you who this picture is of?!

AFitz said...

What?! does anybody know if I can get this in Canada?

Also, my verification word was "Angst" Very gossip girl appropriate, no?

Dar said...


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