def better than when she worked at mcdonald's, fer sure

if i got you a margiela barbie

would we be BFFs for F?


Amanda said...

yeah, we'd be bffs. wouldn't it be funny if someone diy'd this barbie??

T-Bonz said...

is she wearing a hair shrug?

Ash Fox said...

i'm dying for that barbie! love your blog!


Anon. said...

Ummmm YAH.
Wed be even better bffs if you paid for me to get matching hair extensions.

Kylie said...

Hahaha! omg wher is this from!? This is beyond awesome, I would totally play with her if I had such a wonderful treasure. She would be the uber-cool fashion editor, and all my other Barbies would totally hate her out of sheer jelousy... especially Skipper. I mean, does anyone even CARE about Skipper?
One can only dream


Leah said...


Petal said...

Is this for 50 year old Barbie Birthday? My flatmate works for Karen Walker and she made all the mini-barbie outfits for them by hand, yeowch.

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