elementary, my dearz.

i haven't watched this week's gossip girl yet!
gah, i'm the worst ever.

should we look at this to tide us over?

very highlander-meets-sherlock holmes.

i prefer bass cop.


E.K. said...

I'm not sure what to think about this one. Maybe a top hat would help me make up my mind.

corrie said...

Sadly, I'm into it.

liza z. said...

I prefer bass cop as well, he looks fat here.

... said...

only marc jacobs can pull off a look like that!
and by the way he is engaged.. its on my blog

-karl lagerfeld quotes

THE E N T H U S I A S T said...

We go one week without a gossip girl chez nous and this is what happens.

I promise to bring it back around next week! (Sadly can't promise anything about the Khaki Kiltster over there.)

miss sophie said...

this is hilarious. at least they're trying to make men's fashion a bit more 'interesting'. i like the 'highlander' reference - i actually was a weekend fan of that show back in my pre-cable teen years...

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