forget la crise

so yesterday i was so graciously invited to preview the new place to spend your rent money: topshop in soho.

i will admit, it was nice to browse before the general MAYHEM of today's big opening.
FOUR FLOORS of imported british finery.
the loverly kat came with and i got to see christene & piera which is alwayssss a pleasure. miss laia was there too, and i got to meet naomi from teen vogue who said she loves the blog! (hi naomi). yay

i basically made it my MISSION to stalk the emma cook boots and make them mine.
if you, dear readers, are going to brave the madness on broadway, you can find them ici:

bottom shelf of that wall there.
i found them,
i tried them,
i loved them,
i left them.

at 310 bones, i just couldn't make the plunge. they are fucking EPIC though.

the prices are a bit higher than i might shop on the regs BUT... the shoes were awesome, the TIGHTS were so so good, and there were a few lil things that i will wait for to go on sale...all in all kinda great.

gossip girl level spotting at the shopping event:
harvey weinstien (?)
J LO (giantest louboutins i have ever seen)
Julia restoin-roitfeld (so so so pretty. love)
uhh..olivia palermo (so so so very skinny)

i can't imagine going over there today, or this weekend for that matter.
if you are gonna do it:
i fear for your lives, my friends..godspeed and happy shoppingz.


Eyeliah said...

Oh wow! Would love to go, their prices are a bit higher than I thought they'd be.

Artsy Geek said...

Oh! I saw some celebrity blog on this TopShop place. It looks awesome, makes me feel even worse about being stuck in Florida but more excited to move to New York lol

Kylie said...

Aaaah, that looks incredible!! I would love to just look, even if everything is waaaay out of bounds. Lovely interior too, I'd hate to see it after the opening all ripped apart by ferocious shoppers!


Fashion Is Poison said...

oooh man. soooo jealous!

RuthlessChic said...

I went there today!
It was complete mayhem....sooo many people...waited outside for about 45minutes....went inside... fell in love with some pieces...and got a free manicure!
it was a lot of fun when I got out at 6pm there were still people lined up outside..a big ass line too.
but overall I am soo happy topshop is right around the corner for me! ;-)
ps: the shoes are my fav. too

Mademoiselle Ruta said...

yeah topshop is pretty expensive if you do the money change. but the items are gorgeous and i a lot of things are worth the investment. i hope one comes to canada.


miss sophie said...

dude - thanks for the heads-up. i was tempted to go today, but given the madness that greeted me last year during opening weekend at the red hook ikea, i think i've learned my lesson about massive grand opening crowds.

amythewolf said...

310 bones is a lot but those shoes are sick

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