get out of my dreams

pretty sure this is the first time anyone great has ever been featured on racked's streetstyle thing. (except for chuck!).
of course 85% of the readers gave him a "who did this to you"..LET'S HAVE SOME VISION, PEOPLE!

i mean...dying. kinda want my bangs like this? (jk..not jk...jk-ish?)

ps, his name is PAISLEY.
of course it is, what else would it be.

thx, stevie


The Six Six Sick Girls said...

I was one of the 19 people who voted for Perfection! (it never happens on Racked). Apparently I have widely divergent taste from the rest of the world. WTF?


Tavi said...

Perfect. This makes me happy like I was when Yu Masui wore a hamburger purse with Balenciaga WAY BACK WHEN.

microtard said...

wait- that's a dude? on the other hand... baby name alert!

pixie said...

why is that not a picture of me?

kelse said...

& not everything needs to be belted

Nice and Shiny said...

Do the bangs. Dooooo it.
I think I need his pointy boots. And everything else. Priceless!!


handmade romance said...

ps, has got me giggling : )

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