hells yes

you know i love nothing more than shit from the VAULTS...
my number one "why aren't more people into this?" thing is the soundtrack from the the 1993 stephen dorff / jeremy piv / emilio estevez action killa thrilla JUDGEMENT NIGHT.

never saw it, who cares.

the fucking SOUNDTRACK was next levs though, all the songs were collaborations of hiphop/rock.

i was 15 when it came out and sonic youth AND cypress hill equally..so to have them do a sick jam TOGETHER was kind of epic. (i posted this track on my tumblr a couple weeks ago...)

i wish the cover wasn't so fucking uggz though; someone should remaster this jazzhole and rerelease it with cover art worthy of the gems inside.

second favorite track:
teenage fanclub (yes!!) & de la soul / fallin

also enjoyable:
mudhoney & sir mix-a-lot (!!) / freak momma


JR Suicide said...

considering the Judgement night soundtrack spawned the godawful combination of rap and rock that gave us such "next level" bands as Limp Bizkit i'm gonna have to disagree with you on the it's place in the realm of essential releases. in fact i might say it's one of the worst releases of the decade just for pure negative impact. i mean just cuz it's got Sonic Youth and Teenage Fanclub involved doesn't make it cool.

Graham Smith said...

a) if rap rock (the "genre") sounded like this record it would not be garbage and/or horrifying

b) the claim that the cover of this album is ugly is total fucking blasphemy

White Lightning said...

is it really REALLY the fault of this record that we had to endure DOIN IT ALL FOR THE NOOKIE and fred durst's giant head and kid rock ?
i have to say NOPES.
but you do you, jr.

as for YOU graham..thanks for A, yeah YOU HEARD ME on B.

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