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one of those nights where you wake up and swear "i will never drink again".

NEVERRR make a bet with me about 90s related shizz, you will LOSE.
ask cedez, she had to buy me a can of sofia (avec straw, c'est chic) when she tried to tell me that 'scarlet begonias' was 311 and not sublime.
guuurl, i spent so many hours driving round jerz suburbs listenin to 40 oz of freedom...c'mon now.

i still find both aforementioned bands enjoyable. bdonns calls it "housepainter music" which is the most perfect description ever.
why don't you get into this and maybe how bout... this?

[edit: um yes i know that the original scarlet begonias is the grateful dead. i am thirty years old, fer pete's sake. i know a thing or two about a thing or two, trust)


hard liquor; soft holes said...

YESSSSSSSSS. my only regret was getting there too late to hear MJB's "real love."

E.K. said...

Music and Grassroots where insane, but the shizz stopped there for me.

Amanda said...

i was a ridiculous sublime fan. wore the shirt to track practice like every day

justbrad said...

senior in highschool to sophomore in college music

The Denno said...

original scarleet begonias is the grateful dead

but sublimes version is lovelovelove

yay 90s


moesha said...

i still go to 311 every summer. they're great live and it's a quite a shitshow... my entire graduating class is usually in attendance haha

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

love love and love.
sooo much fun. hypnotize anyone?!

+311/sublime 90's jersey cruisin.i was so there doood.

+no more drinking until next time. i swear.

Isabel said...

Ahhh, Sublime!! That album is something of a guilty pleasure for me. Scarlet Begonia and Ebin are my fave tracks on it. But I think the original version of Scarlet Begonias is by the Grateful Dead?

stuffstuff said...

love your edit, girl.

Sally Jane Vintage said...

Yes! 40 oz of Freedom still reeks of summer time to me. Ya wanna know how old I am? I saw 311 with No Doubt opening! Ah, the 90's.

Holly said...

311. YES>

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