i got a feelin, it didn't come free

i'll leave this moment open to your interpretation

it was either
'a moment in repose'
'i drank so much wine i can't remember what room we're staying in let me sit here one teensy second wow this bench is like my best friend right now i swear'


。 。 。 said...

Hahaha. I like your shoes, by the way!

InnyVinny said...

I pick #2!!!

Non Faux said...

HAHAH! you're hilarious!

E.K. said...

MoMA should hang this.

jill said...

i think i had a tiny bit of an affect on this. and i like it.

andrea said...

I just stumbled here from style rookie, and I would like you to know that you just catapulted straight into the nether-realms of my heart.

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