i missed you, dorota.

i don't know about you but this on and off relationship that gossip girl is having with me is making me CRAZY.
on one week, gone for the next three, back, gone, spin-offs..jeeez. relax.

how great was this week though?
even dan was funny!
let's start here:

someone in their writer's room loves a fantasy costume sequence, danghole.
blair doing a 'guvnah' cockney thing made me hide under the blankets on kat's couch, it was so mortifying.
IN OTHER NEWS: that hat is tres gaga-esque, and ANY EXCUSE TO GET MAH GURL UP IN HERE makes me happy. blogaga.

inconceivable stepdad is back! avec awesome apron! yaaay! please invite me next year?

how HIDEOUS was everyone at that table? dudes, i mean, i know that serena's boyfriend status is a LIFE ALTERING NEWS ALERT but like..this is a fucking religious holiday, mabes we can KEEP A LID ON IT until after dinner.
as a non-jew, i was terribly offended.

also offensive:

serena's nastyass rat's nest. what in the WHAT?! who approved this, you're fired.

what was this dumdum up to?

tell me again...why was LIL J at the van der woodsen's playing monopoly with that poorly cast uncute kid and a mound of sliders n' bendystraws? he can't get to DUMBO?
chuck confrontation over a year later..empowering or feeble attempt to provide peroxyteen with a purpose in this ep? you decide, dear readers.

SIDENOTE: lisa said lil j came into her store the other day and was, to quote, a "horrible creature". not a cute look, tay tay momz!

this whole situation:

was retarded.
first of all? why dont you RUIN SOMEONE ELSE'S SPECIAL EVENT with your own drama? why don't you? oh. you did. WAY TO GO.
also : yale, columbia, cry for me argentina, TOO MANY IVY LEAGUES. waaah.
when nate and blair make out it the most chemistry-less thing ever. they must loathe each other.

heartbreak? cmon. not really. chuck is your true love, nate is boredom boning.
serena's wedding / not wedding love affair with dude who broke up with girl 5 mins ago is like..baffling? what's the point?

intrigue? this part got very 24...as the last few seconds ticked away..ALL IS NOT WHAT IT SEEMS! do we care? unclear.

ohhh. hello:


hey there.
sort of a wasted chuckisode BUT:
"i'm a 17 year old billionaire with great stamina" was pretty spesh.

as a parting note,
i am not sure what to do with this:
"baruch a ta adon-ay dis mio" ??!? spangbrew? hebnish? WHAT?!
gossip girl is SO MULTI-ETHNIC!!

bang up ep, josh schwartz. theeeenkz.

so everyone:
what're your thoughts on the upcoming spin-off? are we watching or no?


Sarah said...

1. thanks for the recap! I can't believe I missed this ep.
2. chuck's smoking jacket/robe thing = exact replica of my boyfriends prom jacket from oh...3 years ago.
I ceasetolive.


Elisa said...

dorota: Maybe you be happy soon

that was utterly adorable.
also...My friends hung out with the moms and they smoked something which was not tobacco and she said "this is like, god's drug"

so, little J: Smart and nice eh?


ps> I will NOT be watching the spin off. I sorta loathe the star.

Eyeliah said...

they were really offensive and rude at the seder - my god!! The speech was a lame moment and I don't think their (Blair and Nate) kissing is that bad, not great thou for sure.
Yes I will give the spin off a try, if it sucks then I;ll stop but it'll prob be so good! ;-)

Aviva said...

Watching the spinoff? Doy x Ed Hardy x Crocs x a thousand doyes yes!!! They better BRANG IT, son.


Anonymous said...

It was all so predictable, with some good wit! I enjoyed the the whole hour of my life in the end. This Monday looks awesome! The spin offs intrigue me, I'll prob check them out.

mukelarvin said...

I was also very confused as to why Lil' J was on a date at the VDW's house with that weird looking boy.

Wasn't she just saying she would never move in with them a few episodes back? Silly.

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