i'm not really like that, except when i am

last night i watched pump up the volume with marlow and um..it was great all over again.

when's the last time you watched it? SO GOOD! so fucking RACY for a 'teen' movie.
smoking, titties, swearing, darkness, naughty naughty naughty.

nowadays all the kids get are vampires with a staring problem and boys who wear foundation singing in the class play = not hot. i feel for you, youth of america. i do.

samantha mathis' character is so hot....NORA DINIRO, new style icon. lots of long black layers and dark red lips. "the eat me / beat me lady" !

you COULD remake the movie for today, but make it about blogs?
it all works, seriously...one kid's blog incites the boring minded vanilla brains of the small town teens to TALK HARD and then...they LIVE IT UP. and start their own blogs...wait a secondddd..treatment idea?! (gonna make my millionz!)

the b-side version of 'wave of mutilation' in the movie is what got me all amped on the pixies the first time i saw this (at age 12? what was wrong with my parents??

ONE LAST THING; how fucking OLD is seth green??! he was in the movie! as a student! it was almost TWENTY YEARS AGO! deal with the devil much?


Cassiopeia said...

hehe. so need to see this again. it's been an age! love slater so much. haha. seth green is 35 according to wikipedia (he has the same b'day as me! haha). scary. tho he must have been quite young when he was in this... bucking the 30 yr olds playing teens trend by actually *being* 16 at the time lol.


thehistoryofmyfuture said...

it was on ifc or somethin not that long ago-- it was actually the first time i'd seen it as i was hmmm SEVEN when it came out! mike thinks samantha mathis is the hottest babe ever. that bitch.

emily/sentimental-value said...

This was my absolute, absolute favorite. I get angst-ridden just thinking about it. Nora Diniro was my style icon - tights, vests, dark lipstick and hair, which I tried to dye black, but mistakenly turned green. Oops.


Eyeliah @ stylesymmetry.com said...

last time, a year or so ago - love this freakin movie!

...the who cares girl... said...

midgets age well. Seth Green was the only good thing about "Party Monster".

Elaine said...

You are so fucking spot on Ms. Lightning. Adding this movie to Netflix que now.

lillian jayne said...

Doolittle is such a great album!!

martine said...

looove this movie, i still have it on VHS!

Pshyched and Such said...

Plus the sound track...I still feel cool when I listen to it.

intergalactic times said...

Hhahahahahhahahaah "what was wrong with my parents?".

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