it's entirely possible that i am just bored.

brendan inked me up over dinner tonight with a bic...possible practice run?

yes no maybe so?

tattoos scare me but if wes would do it, then i would mabes go for it.
cool or dumb. tell me.
i'm full of bad (great) ideas lately, wait til i share my crazy news (soon...).


Sarah said...

I really like it.
But in case you don't want it out in the open forevz, maybe you could get it on a place that's almost always under clothing?
Just in case?


mallory said...

Do it.

PS: Bracelet could cover it, but I doubt they'd be looking at it because of your awesome shoes/dress/hairbow.

Anonymous said...

i would go for it, but maybs not there. later in life you don't want it to look...different then orignally planned. plus, the wrist would hurt like a mofo. love the idea though, YOU SHOULD GET IT IN WHITE INK

KAMI said...

yeah, get it in white ink, but put it on your forehead, like a fly harry potter

Shitit said...

hahahah, i like K's idea!

White Lightning said...

haaaa harry potter steez! i love it. hide it under my bangs.

InnyVinny said...

I dig the white ink idea. Do IT!

brendan donnelly said...

i think white ink! for sure.

you forgot to mention (i'm sure you tweed'd it) by the libation recession depression.

erin said...

ooh I have one in the same place - easy to cover, not a part of the body that changes much over time or gets a lot of sun exposure, and it's small so it won't hurt too terribly. why not?

brendan donnelly said...


i know all your secrets. i take bribes not to reveal.

Sunshine said...

cool if it is like 18 inches tall across your back.
if you're gonna do it fukn do it

microtard said...

Enough with the tattoos!! Shit is an EPIDEMIC!! Don't do it

Iris said...

does it mean something? that's yer make-or-break question.

Kristin said...

answer: yes.

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

in white ink, facing the other way so the point is coming atchu!
i love it. then we can have matching wrist blogga's for life!
the other place i liked was by your ear..but personally, i love a wrist tattoo..

p.s. i'm coming with when you do boo!

Unknown said...

Yellow ink, and don't hide it, it's perfect right there.

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