it's my blog, i'll be nuts if i want to.

there is really no reason for this post other than to look at this face right here for a while:

hiii mark, hiiiii.
where you been?
i mean..be more handsome why don't you.

this concludes today's short episode of bonkerstown theatre, enjoy your day.


Anonymous said...

He's gorgeous. :)

Pixienish said...

Haha! So cute <3

Unknown said...

your blog makes me smile in the morning, noon & night.

although he may also have something to do with it.

Anonymous said...

I saw Lady Gaga in the Groucho Club the other night, and she was wearing that patented hair-bow. Also, a sheer, harem-trousered jumpsuit and some foot-wide shoulder cages. It was indoors and about 10pm, and she resolutely kept her sunglasses on.

I don't really know what my brain is meant to do with that information, but I thought you might enjoy it,

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