jealousy piece

retro killing it:

yoko ono in leather shorts!..SICKNESS

also killing it: her man wearing a teeshirt with her name on it
also ALSO killing it: her man is john lennon
also also ALSO killing it: her man john lennon coppin a feel


brendan donnelly said...

who are these people?

laia. said...

just what i needed.

the word verification is "suries" i always thought the plural of suri wouldve been surii, but there you go.
the more you know

white lightning said...

bdonn, those are my parents

laia: SURII just cracked me up haaahaha

Elisa said...

This is how my mind would analyze this picture, put to text. I just laughed so hard.

"Her man is john lennon copping a feel" So good.

Nice and Shiny said...

Oh man, I can't handle this level of awesome. SAAAAVED, frikin love it.
No shame, i love the honesty of this photo


hazel said...

i have that YOKO ONO shirt!!!!!!

microtard said...

Also also also ALSO killing it: Mark David Chapman. Where "it" = John Lennon.

jill said...

i was listening to "oh yoko" as this came up on my screen. funny.

white lightning said...



Molly said...

um, dang

La Chauve-Souris said...

sick blog! love it!!!!! just discover it

good night
the bat

The Six Six Sick Girls said...

killing it, killing me. This is beautiful.


Lara Natascha said...

great love your blog <3

exchange links??

love lara <3

Cruz said...

Love this! I'm stealing this pic kthanks

lulu said...


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