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a long while ago i answered a few questions for the very nice miss caro..the interview is up on her blog now.
to read it now makes it feel like it was a thousand years ago...before i turned thirty...before it was

wellll...if you're curious (spoiler alert, i sound like a 14 year old) why doncha head over here and take a gander?

thanks, caro!


InnyVinny said...

I <3 you.

This interview kicks ass. Really. LOL.

Anon. said...

Wooooah, someones famous.
Love it, your advice is valuable.

Unknown said...

you are an endless fountain of entertainment

thank you for adding giggling to my day and making bad spelling attractive

Kylie said...

Ha, I loved the interview! But why have I not seen these wonderous chanel tights!?!? They only haunt my dreams ever night! I want to see them!


Nikita said...

Awesome interview hahah

And uhhhh, we are both in the city! Wooo! Check out my blog, its all city related!


Agent Lover said...

You are seriously in my top three new favorite reads right now. Luv 2 Luv U


Howevas, I am hatin' on this no Name URL business!


Anonymous said...

hey there,
your blog is rad, you seem lovely and i love your answers in that interview.

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