lovin you is easy

love? love.

tights from topshop!

ps, topshop tights rule, i cant believe i had to wait so long to find this out.
120 den black ones are THE BEST black opaque tights i have ever had. EVER. soft and superblack and superflat. new must-buy-in-bulk.


Gnarlitude Jen said...

Oooh I love these! I wish they had more socks to choose from too.

The Voguette said...

omg. i NEED those tights!!! they are FANTASTIC!!

i'm so jealous1

Isabel said...


Anonymous said...

i love those tights!

i was in nyc over spring break and was fricken pissed that topshop wasn't open yet! gahhh


Sarah said...

love the tights, but those shoes are GLORIOUS.


White Lightning said...

thanks gals!!!

jen, tell me if you want anything, i can send it to you.

sarah..thank you! they are those MJ knockoffs from nine west, definitely all time faves

Leah said...

oh this is so great. so fucking great. i need topshop like a crackhead needs...crack. (fail?)

sarah said...

ugh, my best friend called me WHILE i was reading this post and told me she was on her way to check out topshop. . . philadephia fail on my part!

i told her to try the tights though - :)

Claudia said...

nice boots

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