my love, the pleasure's mine

the wilson sisters were so so SO fucking badass.

i rage it out to this song in my apartment a lot more than i should probably admit. so i won't.


piƱa said...

everyday all day! BEST ever. my karaoke fave. i like to pretend i can hit those high notes.

absolutely not said...

the wilson sisters = hair ICONS. throughout their careers. i am a particular fan of "alone"

E.K. said...

You should never hide a love for early Heart, I blast Barracuda like I'm raising the dead.

laia. said...

i heard this song WAY too many times at work to be able to enjoy it anymore.... I think maybe in 5 years I can come back to it and appreciate it again.

Unknown said...

I loooooove this song.

Makes me wanna ferociously make out with Josh Hartnett--i.e The Virgin Suicides, or any other hot guy, for that matter. Lol.


White Lightning said...

ohhhh HEART i love HEART!!

kiki d and josh hartnett in v suicides, hands down hottest scene everrrrrrrr

absolutely not: same with tbonz, theres a reason you are star crossed bffs.

Emilie said...

Fuck yeah. Turn on.

Unknown said...

this song is amazing.

ps: my guitar teacher used to play with heart.

PRIMA DONA said...

this song is so rad!
i absolutly LOVE heart


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